Debt Mediation is a relief service for those impacted by a financial hardship. It affords consumers the ability to have their obligations reduced for a lesser amount.



Purpose & Movement

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of those impaired by misfortune while providing an exceptional experience and cultivating a future of financial stability.

We are committed to dedicating an exceptional experience beyond your expectation in all areas of your Debt Rehabilitation. Our Debt Mediation program is designed and tailored to each one of our client’s unique financial situation. Debt Rehab uses the most aggressive tactics when negotiating your accounts while always adhering to State and Federal guidelines. With over 30,000 certified agents nationwide, we have resurrected the lost art of doing business face to face.

As 1 in 5 individuals have inaccuracies listed on their credit reports, our leading industry experts will facilitate corrections and removals that are outdated, inaccurate, or erroneous. Debt Rehab adheres to all guidelines, while implementing effective and robust strategies to encourage cooperation and rapid results.



  • I am writing this to express my most sincere appreciation for the most professional services you have recently provided to me in regard to the settlement of my credit cards!– Jewel S. Tulsa, OK.
  • Thank you for your extraordinary help these last couple of years in guiding me through the intricacies of settling my debts. Very supportive. – Joel M. Orlando, FL
  • I had over $40,000 in debt, and Debt Rehab helped build a customized plan and supported me to stick through it.– Charles Oak Park, CA
  • My customer service rep took an amazing amount of stress off my shoulders. Thank you for everything!!– Jordan Z. Charlotte, NC
  • So glad I chose Debt Rehab to help me with my financial situation.– Irma H. Detroit, MI
  • I encourage anyone who is struggling with their credit cards, to call this company. They go above and beyond to assist in all my needs.– Crystal J. Chattanooga, TN
  • Outstanding service.– Amy L. Phoenix, AZ
  • Two of my biggest accounts were settled for less than I planned for. What more could I ask for?– Fred A. Milwaukee, WI
  • This staff is always delivering what they promise.– Mike W. Cleveland, OH
  • Thank you Debt Rehab for all your hard work and dedication! It was a pleasure and a smooth process–Mark L. Reseda, CA
  • Great Company.– Larry M. Newark, NJ
  • I found light at the end of my tunnel when I signed up with Debt Rehab. They really did help me and make my financial situation a walk in the park– Marla W. Brooklyn, NY
  • In less than 3 years, I became debt free from over $50,000!! This is a mountain off my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Debt Rehab to help me through this.– Tamara B. Odessa, TX